Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By E.S.I. Pressure Washing

E.S.I. Pressure Washing is the cream of the crop when it comes to professional pressure washing in Los Angeles, and we have an army of delighted customers who will happily back up that claim. But we didn’t get to where we are today through luck — it took years of experience and an unwavering dedication to surface cleaning that allowed us to rise through the ranks.
As your local pressure washing team, we’re committed to achieving only the best results when it comes to exterior cleaning, and we’re equally dedicated to customer service. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more frequent questions we receive below, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know, E.S.I. Pressure Washing is here for you.

Our low rates and upfront estimates reflect the true nature of the resources and time it will take to complete the driveway power washing job safely and to your high standards. Since each job site is unique, we customize quotes instead of giving a one-size-fits-all ballpark range.

We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded pressure washing company with up-to-date certifications and mandatory safety training for our crew members.

Surface streaks are often caused by a combination of inexperience, too much pressure, and the wrong tips for the surface cleaner. Get a quote from a local pro to eliminate this stress.

The very first thing you should do to prepare your property for pressure washing is to remove anything that is not fixed into place. This will enable you to avoid water damage. When it is not possible to relocate expensive or irreplaceable objects such as water sources, trees, and natural ecosystems, we strive to go above and beyond to completely protect these areas from being affected by any work we perform.

While it is possible to rent or buy a pressure washer and perform the job yourself, you are often better off leaving the job to a professional for best results. Aside from having access to better equipment, pressure washing professionals often have the experience necessary to get the job done faster and more effectively.

It is a safer, non-pressure alternative to high-pressure washing that does not use destructive water sprays to remove contaminants. Using a non-pressure application of specially formulated chemical cleaning solutions, we kill off and remove any harmful contaminants that are eating away at your home’s exterior surfaces. As a result of these unique cleaning solutions, soft washing is able to eliminate growths at their source, rather than just removing the top layer, giving you a long-term solution to prevent them from returning.
As a general rule, a professional soft washing treatment will provide you with results that will last four times longer than those you would get with a standard pressure washing. Most soft washing treatments last a lot longer than an entire year, so you do not have to worry about staining occurring again for a much longer time.

No. As long as our team of professionals has access to the areas of your home that need to be cleaned, you can carry on with your daily errands without interruption. Our only request is that all your doors and windows are closed and that we have access to a working water source.

Yes! We love helping our fellow businesses in the LA area succeed and look their best. E.S.I. Pressure Washing provides a variety of commercial pressure washing services, including storefront cleaning, graffiti removal, building washing, and more.

To keep your sidings strong and your home beautiful, house washing is recommended twice a year. Professional pressure washing removes unsightly and harmful substances from your sidings, which helps maintain your property value and prevent future damages.

There’s nothing wrong with DIY projects, but when it comes to pressure washing, it’s a job best left to professionals. Professional pressure washing teams use the latest and best equipment, and they know to clean each different surface material safely. If a surface is cleaned using the wrong technique or equipment, the result could be expensive repair costs.
E.S.I. Pressure Washing is a fully insured, licensed pressure washing team with years of experience cleaning all types of surfaces. For guaranteed high-quality results, our professionals are unmatched.

When you hire E.S.I. Pressure Washing, you can rest assured that we use only environmentally safe cleaning solutions for all of our services. Unlike other pressure washing companies, you’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals or unsafe cleaning practices with us.

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